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Nat is a southern lady who has found her nack for taking 2D concepts and bringing them to life in multi-layered & eye catching glory.  She's fiery, tough, & has a relentless work ethic. She also loves nerd fashion.



Frank is a prior military member who has seen the world, but claims Texas as his homeland.  Frank can be found in the fabrication shop listening to David Bowie or sitting with Nat planning out designs for accessories.  He's a vicious movie critic, confides in his dog, and regularly forgets to eat (but not drink) when he's working.
















About Us

As a new and aggressive provider of tactical and functional cosplay gear, we take pride in offering the best custom and pre-designed cosplay gear. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers each and every day. Frank and Nat have been producing custom costumes from head to toe for over five years. Our skills and ability to take designs from paper images to practical wear is what drove us into opening our personal shop to the public and offering you, our fellow cosplayers and customers, amazingly functional gear at competitive prices. Don't see something you want? Have an image in your head that you just can't quite bring to life? Let us take your item from design to your doorstep!